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I’m alive!

Hi guys

I have been acting as chief baby sitter for a while with LankyDoodle as couldn’t leave her in the lurch with her beautiful baby. It’s time to move on though and I’m now heading off to see Kitsune. I will update you soon with my recent adventures 😀


Cream teas, hockey players & drag queens with Trendybraincell

Wednesday 10/3/10

Well it wasn’t the most exciting of days, I spent my time stuck inside a dark, albeit rather large envelope…thankfully Sara (trendybraincell) eventually appeared after her day at work to free me from the confinement.

Thursday 11/3/10

After my uneventful arrival we had an early start Thursday morning to go and see to the Welsh Cob before we left for work. When we arrived at Sara’s work we had a long list of things to do, so I quickly got my hands stuck in to help. We did Mash, vegetables, 2 soups, a shepherds pie, and a few other things, but frankly it turns out I’m a bit of a master baker…my scones were amazing (if I do say so myself). Although it was a bit of a challenge getting to ingredients into the mixer, since they weighed more than me!! By the time we finished and got down to the stables, it was getting a little bit late, so I didn’t get to ride the Welsh Cob but Sara did promise me that she would let me sit on him before I left.

Friday 12/3/10

Oh dear…I found out today that Sara can be a bit forgetful!! She’d forgotten to pick her keys up before we left in the morning for the stables, so we ended up scaling the gates which are topped with barbed wire 😮 Let me tell you trying to climb over gates & barbed wire at 6 am is not a wise idea, at least we didn’t fall in the ditch on the way out like she did last time she forgot her keys!

Saturday 13/3/10

I think this was my favourite day with Sara. The whole day was dedicated to women’s hockey, which I certainly didn’t mind going to watch 😉 Sara plays for a local team called Jaspers, they’ve got 2 teams so first we went to watch the 2nd team play. Oh what a lovely day it was, sat on the sidelines in the sun watching 20 women run up and down a pitch in short skirts!! Unfortunately I think my presence put the girls off a little, they were probably quite nervous a ended up loosing 4-1

After lunch we grabbed our kit a drove to the 1st team meet. The 1st team were very sporting, after Carly (the captain) had given her team talk they all had a team photo with me, I was rather popular. Since the 2nd team hadn’t done very well I did offer my services to the 1st but Sara told me that because Jaspers was a womens team it really wasn’t appropriate for me to play…I think she was worried it would give them an unfair advantage, the other team would probably have been distracted. Turns out the 1st team a pretty good and they won 3-1!

Thursday 1/4/10

After a somewhat extended stay I had one last event to attend with trendybraincell before moving on to the next stop.

Tonight is a big night, we’re getting all dressed up and going to the launch party for the first ever official Bristol Pride Festival, which is a pretty big deal for the gays of this city…or so I’ve been told!! So after a long day at work we rushed to get the horse done and then dashed home to get our glad rags on.

The night started off in a pub where we met some new friends for drinks, then we moved on to Goldbrick House for the big launch. It was very busy, full of gays and looked really cool. I had lots of drinks and took loads of photos, which I hope you’ve had the chance to look through! After about 12pm things were winding down at Goldbrick so after much discussion we finally decided to move onto the Queen Shilling.

It took us quite a while to get there because Sara really can’t walk very well in heels, so she swapped shoes with Richard, turns out he can walk really well in high heels!!

Anyway, once we arrived this rather tall and unusually hairy woman gave us a sticker, she muttered something to about a ‘shag tag’. Her name was Tray La Trash and she was so taken with us that we got the number 1 sticker. After a few drinks I found out that nice lady at the door was…a man…OMG I did not see that one coming!!!

My week on Exmoor with Ravenwood – phew thank God thats over!

Jan 31st 2010 – Destination Ravenwood

Another day, another party!  But we were lucky to even arrive at all!  The roads were so icy, driving to Ravenwood’s was a bit scary!   It was great to meet other HHO’ers and we all had a fabulous evening.  Humbugsey had made me a spectacular ginger bread horse of my very own which was presented to me on my arrival.  Another very late night (this travelling is exhausting!) and I was unhappy to have been abandoned on the table all night long amongst the empty glasses!
Sunday was spent recovering, meeting RW’s two mares and the neighbour’s Alpacas followed by helping RW make lots of bacon sandwiches and cups of tea for the poor HHO’ers who were stuck on the icy lane for hours waiting to be rescued by tractors!
Tuesday RW took me to Sidmouth (South Devon) to meet some new clients and we had a tour around a very smart, new holiday complex with sea views right next to a donkey sanctuary!  Unfortunately no photos though as RW’s boss was with her.
Wednesday was very dull and drizzly, after work RW took me with her and the two dogs for a run on the moor, I splashed around in the waterfalls and admired the view but then – OMG – I was nearly killed!  We were happily walking back to the car when a herd of Exmoor ponies came charging towards us.  First we weren’t at all worried as they usually veer off when they see someone apparently, but not this time!  They were so inquisitive they kept on coming.  I was so frightened I scaled a tree whilst RW grabbed the camera.  The ponies came right up to me and I nearly fell onto the back of one of them.  Thankfully they got bored and went off.  RW came and rescued me from the tree and calmed me down – Boy was I shaken.
Friday was a glorious sunny day and RW had the day off work, so early in the morning she gave me a brief riding lesson – unfortunately we couldn’t find a hat to fit me though, and then we went off to a lovely fast ride.  There was a bit of a scare in the afternoon when the spaniel went missing, he was found an hour later sitting in the Game Keeper’s landrover up in the yard!  You need nerves of steel living here – there seems to be a drama most days!
Tomorrow I am being taken pigeon shooting – I hope I don’t get shot!
Saturday – this afternoon we went pigeon shooting, there was a lot waiting around and the gun was much noisier than I expected (I think I might be deaf in one ear now!).  But I enjoyed watching the dogs work and had my photo taken several times – I am a natural model now and will be forwarding my portfolio to a modelling agency when I get home!
Sunday – I spent the morning relaxing at home whilst RW went off to ride with her friend but when she came home she did remember to take me to the pub with her where we had a fabulous roast dinner – hmmm it was yummy and a lovely peaceful and relaxing end to my stay with Ravenwood – off to Persephone next.
Its certainly been eventful!
Ginge xx
PS:  Lots of photos to add – just working out how!

A slightly extended stay with Santa but now to Ravenwood!

Due to poor Katie being rather poorly I offered to stay a bit longer to look after her, as she was home alone whilst her fiancé was away with work in Norway. I also offerered to offer her support at a family funeral so I got to have another flying visit to Jersey. She has also invited me to her wedding next September but I don’t know whether I can attend yet so will have to wait and see.

Last night though my new host Ravenwood organised a party in my honour. I travelled there with Katie and got to meet a whole collection of HHO’ers including LizzieJ, Ester and Bugsey who made me my very own gingerbread horse.

Again lots of alcohol was drunk (this seems to becoming a theme for me!) and the last few of us didn’t go to bed until past 5am!!

Me and my pony

Me and my pony

So now for another week of fun ahead as I continue my journey.
Make sure to check out my photos

Ginge xxx

Hunt Ball madness

oh good golly is all I can say about the last few days!

Firstly I assisted Katie with some very important wedding dress shopping. She was umming and ahhing but I lended her my expert opinions and she has brought an amazing dress. I would show you a photo but can’t risk the groom seeing now can we!!

We also went out and saw more of the island which included meeting some lovely Jersey cows. They were very pretty.

Jersey Cows

Jersey Cows

Next on Thursday I went out for dinner with Katie and her family. It was a very nice restaurant called ‘the oyster box’. I got to try seafood and champagne and must say it was a very enjoyable meal.

Champer at the Oyster Box

Champer at the Oyster Box

Last night though was the hunt ball and oh my oh my!! Firstly Katie ensured I was correctly dressed and was decked out in full black tie get up.  I had a really great night though and met lots of wonderful people. Apparently I was rather badly behaved though, I can only admit I become a bit of a ladies man after a few many drinks but who can resist me when I am dressed to impress?

a bottle and 2 glasses should just about be enough...

a bottle and 2 glasses should just about be enough...

a little worse for wear at the end of the ball

a little worse for wear at the end of the ball

There are more photos to come of my exploits to come in the gallery!

I though need to go hide in a dark room for a while so I can get rid of this hangover!

Ginge xxx

More snow this time in Jersey!

Evening all
I have had a busy two days with Katie its been fun!

Yesterday we went down to the main town in Jersey called ‘St.Helier’, the island is so small there is only really one town which is where you will find most of the shops.

We had a good look around the shops but sadly I couldn’t find anything in my size.  🙁 but Katie and her mum took me out for lunch so it was all good

Lunch yum yum

Today it snowed really heavily so we didn’t go out much. But we did go for a walk and play in the snow

I even made a snow angel! 😀

Katie took a load more photos so go have a look in the gallery where I have put them.

Tomorrow I am told we are going into St.Helier again as long as the snow has gone away!

Ginge xxx

I’m in Jersey

Well the weather behaved and despite extra snow in Devon we got to the airport and the plane left on time.

Katie thankfully carried my passport as its a little big to fit in my pocket

Me and my passport

Unfortunately couldn’t get a photo of us on the plane as the lovely air hostesses were a little busy but made sure to get a photo on arrival. Sadly all the snow I was promised in Jersey has melted but apparently it is very pretty still without it. I couldn’t tell as was already dark but I have been told to expect lots of adventures this week. I can’t wait 😀

Soooooo much Snow!

This afternoon Katie took me out in the snow and I glad she was with me as it was really really deep in places as you can see from the photos below.
Deep snow

We tried to build a snowman but it didn’t work as the snow was all crunchy and wouldn’t stick together. So instead I met Katie’s snowman Frosty who she made on Tuesday.

I also did some climbing but Katie had to rescue me as it got a bit deep!

I’m in England!!

Well what a Journey I have had! But I have eventually arrived in England safe and sound.

I was a bit naughty though and spent the new year partying with the guys at the post office. They are a really fun bunch though so I have been glad to spend a few days asleep with them to recover.

But I’m all refreshed and rearing to go now I have arrived with Santa_Claus (Katie) in Devon and apparently I have lots planned. Firstly she has LOTS of snow so we are going to make some snow men and I can’t wait 😀

Also tomorrow as long as the snow doesn’t cause problems I am going on holiday with Katie back to visit her family in Jersey. Thankfully I had packed my passport so can travel with her, I can’t wait as apparently it means I am going to a Hunt Ball as well as admire the beautiful scenery!

Well I better go and get unpacked now so that I can go play in the snow. I will ask Katie to take some photos so I can post them here this evening.

Ginge xxx

Well,I’ve reached the republic of Ireland

Hello all

Sorry its taken so long for me to update ye all on my travels..Aru has been having some technical difficulties(camera phone does not like computer uploading grrr)

Dublin, the Irish capital was my next stop and I’m staying here with Aru and her housemates,iProd and Chiefhobo .

I arrived in Dublin on a cold rainy day…I’m told this is typical Irish weather..brrr…

Sadly Aru was still sitting exams so she was very stressed and busy.

 Luckily her housemates iProd and Chiefhobo stepped in and brought me to see the sights and sounds of Dublin instead!It was a mad day i got to go to rugby training ,visit micro labs and see the sights and sounds of the collage including some really fancy buildings and statues that made me feel very very small indeed!

184.jpg image by ArudontoThis is me at the Campanile bell tower in Trinity.Legend has it that any undergraduate student who walks under it will fail their Finals exams…so no we myself and my student hosts didn’t walk under it!

176.jpg image by ArudontoAt the rugby pitch..
177.jpg image by ArudontoMe, in the Geography building.Its also called the Museum building…im sitting on the Deers foot it was massive!Its the skeleton of an Irish elk,which are now extinct.
On my way to a Microbiology lab
The next day I got to join Aru in University Collage Dublin.

215.jpg image by Arudonto
The vet building to be precise.

202.jpg image by Arudonto
I was meant to be joining her as a Mascot in her Pathology exam but apparently I’m not very easy to decontaminate and my voice is way to cute to lose.Instead I got to go to the Parasitology lab and see some really icky creatures

204.jpg image by Arudonto

203.jpg image by Arudonto
I then got to join the vets on the start of their end of exams session…
198.jpg image by Arudonto
191.jpg image by Arudonto
I only met a few of the vets as their was a match on for the boys but we had great fun…but I don’t think il be going out late at night who knows what might happen! 

192.jpg image by Arudonto
I also made a quick stop into the vet Library to meet some of the other vet student’s who hadn’t finished up exams yet

206.jpg image by Arudonto Me giving a motivational speech to one of the 4th years…
We then had a quick trip around UCD and Aru introduced me to an amazing lady…we sat by the lake

229.jpg image by Arudonto
and I got to whisper sweet nothings in her ear…
230.jpg image by ArudontoThen Aru brought me home.I think i like Ireland!